TKS Cell(つかさセル)について
About TKS Cell

TKS Cellは、電話の新しいカタチです。これまでは1人=1アカウントという根底があり、複数使い分けるには別途アカウントを取得したり、それを踏まえたビジネス向けのといったサービスが提供されていました。
TKS Cell is a new way of making phone calls. Until now, there has been a fundamental principle that one person equals one account, and if you want to use multiple accounts, you need to acquire them separately, or use services designed for businesses that take this into account.

In the future, data communication will be even faster, and we will switch to a world beyond human vision, such as 8k, 12k, and more. Multiple metaverses will expand in that world.

ムーンショット目標では、そのような世界では複数のアバターを用い、生活すると予測され、目指されています。TKS Cellでははじめから『1人で複数の自分』を提供します。
In our moonshot goals, it is predicted and aimed to live using multiple avatars in such a world. TKS Cell offers "multiple selves in one person" from the beginning.

In the initial release, we will prepare five contact books. These contact books will build different versions of yourself.

Person A is the face you show to your family, Person B is the face you show at work or school, and Person C is the face you show to your friends.

Currently, there are limitations on the number of contact books and voice calls (up to 5 minutes at a time), but we will provide more contact books, customization options, and communication methods other than voice calls in the future.

Please install the app and experience the new form of the future. We look forward to hearing your opinions and requests.



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